Motorola Corporation (Inc.) is an American multinational telecommunication company established in September 25, 1928. Motorola had counted a loss of $4.3 billion since 2007 to 2009. After counted such a big loss Motorola has divided in to two independent public companies named “Motorola Mobility” and “Motorola Solutions” in Jan, 2011. Motorola Solutions has generally been considered as the successful trade mark of Motorola. Motorola mobility was overtook by google in 2012 which is known later on as LENOVO in 2014.Ringtone is basically a call alert for the mobile phone user which activates while someone calls on user's device. These ringtones are now been advanced with songs and other different musical and sound effects features. Motorola is one of the most bigger and competitive brand in mobile phone's market. Motorola keeps launching it variant cell phone's models during the whole year along with them it also launches variety of different default ringtones. The most featured Mtorola ringtones mobiles was the best model . Which are load with latest best Samsung ringtones. Some of them are as follows.Ringtones as mentioned above are now modified with songs musics and lyrics. Ringtones are now creating a bigger market as its users are getting increased gradually because of the lack of time due to busy ephemeral life get entertain with music listening activity. Therefore songs and music cut in small segments which are nice to be listened and perform as a specific part are now apply to the smart phone devices as a ringtone alert. Samsung even hired an orchestra to create the class of music for best Motorola ringtones.

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